Our Quiet Leaders

The original image was published in Kinesis Sept 1993. Sexual abuse and the system: Fighting back. Written by Terry D. Gibson (under the pseudonym Marie Thompson).

  When I think about women who are leaders, I cannot help but think of those who are famous and get lots of attention and benefits from their work. This propels me toward the living and breathing women whom the public does not know and may undervalue. They are the invisible and unsung heroes among us.   As a woman and a leader, I am the young tenant next door who hears your cries while your husband yells and pounds you in the wee hours of the morning. I quietly call the Police for help, begging them not to say…

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May 2018 Bring New Hope

Happy New Year to you and everyone! Yes. I am back. Hopefully nobody is hearing the creepy Jaws music right now. I wish I could say I am bouncing off the walls with zany energy. I would love to tell you that I am blowing up balloons, rubbing each against my head and attaching them to the walls at odd angles. If only I could announce how I am playing a noisemaker like the sax, although with much less finesse and sex appeal. None of that would be true, however. I decided not to fake it. I will say hello…

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My Courage

Many people say I’m courageous. I understand that. However, most of what I’ve done is not fuelled by self-confidence. It’s powered by my will to live. Strong emotions provoke my flight-or-flight response.  I struggle with these highs and lows daily and thankfully have noticed that aging puts things on a more even keel. Whether to appease my inner critic or not, today my courage is about saying the following: I haven’t lied about a single thing that happened to me. I didn’t even embellish. In fact, I’ve held back so much out of embarrassment, shame, and anger.  This is also…

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