The Holidays are Coming

Hi Everyone, Happy Thanksgiving, Canada. I hope you had a great weekend and holiday. I decided that no matter how late it is on any given Monday, I would always send at least a message. Being accountable to myself has become so important. I realized that time can send me flying and then I wake up and find it is six months or a year later. I cannot let that happen anymore. These days are vital to me, as is documenting them. Life matters so much. I do not dare miss out. I am so thankful for this gift and…

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This Week’s List

Spend at least an hour reading each day. Choose and enjoy books and articles first as a reader. Make notes on the second read if writing a book review. Write like a fiend. Let the words spill out like coffee all over my papers. Every 90 minutes, get up and move. Walk. Dance. Row. Dust. Brush Meeco. Get out of her path before she severs an artery in my leg. (Yes. She nips. I rescued her from a terrible home and she came away with this problem. I love her dearly and keep working with her daily on this problem.)…

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Five Reasons Why You Should Never Say, “Sh*t happens,” to a Survivor.

It is rude, insensitive, and totally offensive. It negates the impact of brutal systemic crime on the lives of a child, adolescent or adult. Anyone who minimizes criminal violence depicts the height of desensitization or compassion burnout. This is usually the reality for social workers, not average citizens. It is like telling someone whose spouse, child or parent was murdered, “Get over it.” It can take a multiple-trauma victim or survivor from zero stress to 100 in a few short seconds. The last reason is why I cannot say more right now.

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Grrrl Chillin

Grrrl Chilling Studio by J.A. Kauppinen

As I sit down to write this #MondayBlog today, I realize I am late. However, I won’t worry about that. I’m getting one in long before Tuesday, which makes me happy. Speaking of joy, I feel good today. Why am I happy, you ask? Especially when: There are 540 fires burning in my province and, even in Vancouver, the air quality is BC’s worst in history and the worst in the world. I am stuck indoors in hot temperatures (no air con) because I don’t want to risk endangering my health any more than it already is. I would love…

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Our Quiet Leaders

The original image was published in Kinesis Sept 1993. Sexual abuse and the system: Fighting back. Written by Terry D. Gibson (under the pseudonym Marie Thompson).

  When I think about women who are leaders, I cannot help but think of those who are famous and get lots of attention and benefits from their work. This propels me toward the living and breathing women whom the public does not know and may undervalue. They are the invisible and unsung heroes among us.   As a woman and a leader, I am the young tenant next door who hears your cries while your husband yells and pounds you in the wee hours of the morning. I quietly call the Police for help, begging them not to say…

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Resolutions and Affirmations

Add some early morning exercise and stretches to my wake up routine. Have two cups of tea or strong coffee before uttering a word to anyone. Take stock of my physical status (pain levels, tiredness, hunger, etc.) Plan how to attack the pain without ending up dopey from medications. The goal is always to be clear-headed so I can write and continue reading the work of other writers, plus that of my own broadening interests. Each morning I will write affirmations down in my special journal. Read all posts on a thread before commenting. Do not take it personally if…

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Ring Around the Rosary – Gretchen Grossman

Ring around the Rosary by Gretchen Grossman

I received a copy of “Ring Around the Rosary” two years ago in exchange for an honest review. This memoir is about an American woman who became a nun at the tender age of seventeen. She left five years later, married again, had two gorgeous boys, and taught school for twenty years. This tale touched my heart and soul in momentous ways, as many of the struggles Ms. Grossman endured overlapped issues in my life. Some have been critical of this true story, stating that it is harmful to the church. As a Catholic, I do not see it that…

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Bill of Sexual Rights

I have a right to my own body. I have a right to my own feelings, beliefs, opinions and perceptions. I have a right to trust my own values about sexual contact. I have the right to set my own sexual limits. I have a right to say yes. I have a right to say no. I have a right to sexual pleasure. I have a right to be sexually assertive. I have the right to be the initiator in a sexual relationship. I have a right to be in control of my sexual experience. I have a right to…

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May 2018 Bring New Hope

Happy New Year to you and everyone! Yes. I am back. Hopefully nobody is hearing the creepy Jaws music right now. I wish I could say I am bouncing off the walls with zany energy. I would love to tell you that I am blowing up balloons, rubbing each against my head and attaching them to the walls at odd angles. If only I could announce how I am playing a noisemaker like the sax, although with much less finesse and sex appeal. None of that would be true, however. I decided not to fake it. I will say hello…

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