Terry Gibson (aka @bookmark_terry)

I’m an activist, author, editor, survivor, traveller and lover of life. I love learning and will never stop: I think they call that being a ‘professional student.’ I cherish my friends and all the people who have been such help to me in my efforts to survive and thrive.
I’m headed to the top — even if that only means one day I’ll be taller than my bathtub. Darn. That won’t happen. Will it? As I get older, I’m told, I’ll be even shorter. Small but mighty and super-feisty.

my story | our story

The idea is simple. My story belongs to me and yours belongs to you. When we share them, our experiences, that spins a real magic. No matter how many ways the world divides us, we are all human.

I want to share the stories which make up who we are. Sharing them is what I love. Whether it is poetry, fiction, letters, or cryptic tweets on Twitter. There is no right or wrong here. No judgment either. I (and hopefully we), will recount life. Embrace it. Feel it. Sometimes I will curse it. Even in the worst of times, I will love it. I write for what ails me. Maddens, bores, or excites me. I write for what brings on a hot flood of tears, piques my interest, or reveals me in some way. I write to laugh until I am running to the loo. Leaves you spent.

Send me an email at: editor@mystoryourstory.org or you can follow me on Twitter @bookmark_terry  or like my facebook page.