This Week’s List

Spend at least an hour reading each day.

Choose and enjoy books and articles first as a reader.

Make notes on the second read if writing a book review.

Write like a fiend. Let the words spill out like coffee all over my papers.

Every 90 minutes, get up and move.

Walk. Dance. Row. Dust.

Brush Meeco. Get out of her path before she severs an artery in my leg. (Yes. She nips. I rescued her from a terrible home and she came away with this problem. I love her dearly and keep working with her daily on this problem.)

Fight negativity when it crops up. Don’t let the bastards win or jeopardize my well-being.

Remind people about glyphosate and share the story about DeWayne Johnson, the man dying of cancer who won a $289M award against Monsanto, and its deadly pesticide, Roundup. This is vital because it is in our food as well.

Share my thoughts any place they are welcome.

Listen carefully to everyone whose goal is to improve matters in the world–for women, children, all sex assault victims, and those alienated in society by economic and other disadvantages.

Some people will think I have a huge ego but I can’t control that. These points are simply what I must do and express each day. With that said, I will be able to fall asleep each night happy and satisfied that I put in a good day. I did my best.

Send love and support to Puerto Rico.

Keep watch over a dear friend’s posts. She is so near to receiving her Phd., she must feel exhausted, exhilarated, and occasionally wondering why she took on this task. Support her in any way I can.

Support all authors nationally and globally, especially the newbies with few connections and potentially little resources.

Express gratitude and thanks to every single person who is kind to me or others.

Be honest and fair.

Stay on my path and keep sending messages of care for my niece and her boys. I don’t know my other two nieces or sister.

Wish harm on no one.

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