When Sickness Prevails

. . . we have quotes. “Everyone has his own story, and everyone could arouse interest in the romance of his life if he but comprehended it.” George Sand “You have a responsibility to tell history because people forget history.” Leslie Brody “History is nothing more than a thin bread of what is remembered stretched out over an ocean of what has been forgotten.” Milan Kundera “I go out of my way; but rather by license than carelessness. My ideas follow one another; but sometimes it is from a distance, and look at each; but with a sidelong glance ……

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Grrrl Chillin

Grrrl Chilling Studio by J.A. Kauppinen

As I sit down to write this #MondayBlog today, I realize I am late. However, I won’t worry about that. I’m getting one in long before Tuesday, which makes me happy. Speaking of joy, I feel good today. Why am I happy, you ask? Especially when: There are 540 fires burning in my province and, even in Vancouver, the air quality is BC’s worst in history and the worst in the world. I am stuck indoors in hot temperatures (no air con) because I don’t want to risk endangering my health any more than it already is. I would love…

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In Honour of My Friend Who Is In Stage Four – One of Her Favourite Poets

Fear Fear of seeing a police car pull into the drive. Fear of falling asleep at night. Fear of not falling asleep. Fear of the past rising up. Fear of the present taking flight. Fear of the telephone that rings in the dead of night. Fear of electrical storms. Fear of the cleaning woman who has a spot on her cheek! Fear of dogs I’ve been told won’t bite. Fear of anxiety! Fear of having to identify the body of a dead friend. Fear of running out of money. Fear of having too much, though people will not believe this….

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