Resolutions and Affirmations

Add some early morning exercise and stretches to my wake up routine.

Have two cups of tea or strong coffee before uttering a word to anyone.

Take stock of my physical status (pain levels, tiredness, hunger, etc.)

Plan how to attack the pain without ending up dopey from medications.

The goal is always to be clear-headed so I can write and continue reading the work of other writers, plus that of my own broadening interests.

Each morning I will write affirmations down in my special journal.

Read all posts on a thread before commenting.

Do not take it personally if friends distance themselves.

We all have valid reasons why we cannot communicate fully at times.

I have had so much therapy that it may seem that sharing is easy for me.

That is not true although I see how that might seem right.

When I can, I do my best to talk with people.

I must take a break more often.

Always give people the benefit of doubt. It is what I aspire to and want.

Walk your talk. Do not allow halfway measures.

Deal with blatant attacks head on.

Without that, those who want to hurt me and others will get away with it.

Speak up clearly and firmly. It should never go on.

If I do not put up with it, I will show others that they do not have to either.

Everything is about being useful, kind, and a leader.

Never treat another person or myself in a shabby manner.

Being a mentor is an awesome way to give back to the world.

Go for it. You can. You know real people who have done it!

I am trustworthy because I trust, within reason.

Reach those writing and publishing goals!

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