Red Admiral

It is the last day of summer. Are you as shocked as I am? I can just feel the scores of people who are complaining about it. On my side of things, it was a glorious summer.

As a spoonie, I have several immune disorders. These include Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA), fibromyalgia (fibro), and degenerative disk disease.

I know! Isn’t that ridiculous? Like most, I love summer. Water skiing. Camping. Fishing. Hiking. I miss all of that.  Of course, I can do all those things but it takes planning. A preventative approach to pain control–every four hours without fail.

It exacts a considerable amount of energy from my body and I feel like the poor butterfly that fell to my feet from a large tree. I want to toss all challenges and ambitions.  Everything hurts too damned much.

However, when I saw this ragged little guy (a Red Admiral), I approached it with gentleness and foreboding. The last thing I wanted was to do any harm. It looked like it already had a horrific day.

I lowered myself to the sidewalk and it flew onto the palm of my hand. After a short respite, it became airborne and was soon on a branch in the tree.

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