Excerpt of First Draft of ‘That Terry’


She pointed to the door. I knew better than not to hurry so I jumped through it as fast as I could. I squatted in the hall closet, trying not to touch daddy’s baseball bats with my toes. I didn’t want him mad at me. I could still see mommy and heard daddy at the front door.

I didn’t tell mommy I wanted to see daddy. I loved when he was home! He cuddles me. Tickles me and blows on my tummy. That makes me laugh. My big brothers call me pet, but I don’t care.

“Now don’t come out until I get you.” I nodded. Mommy looked like she was gonna cry, so I did. Then daddy yelled. I heard a really big bang. I was so scared, I peed my pants. I grabbed daddy’s glove and hugged it on my lap, hiding the wet spot.

“I’m sorry mommy!” I sobbed. I didn’t like it when mommy or daddy were mad at me.

“Open this door,” daddy yelled in a booming voice.

Mommy started shutting the door and I fell back against daddy’s coats. I thought she was gonna slap my face.

“Shh!” mommy said, closing me off from the light.

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