OhDoYa, How ’bout It?

Bull shark (Bahamas)
Bull shark (Bahamas) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


OhDoYa, a green bull shark, en route from Cairns to Forres, crossed my kayaking path to Scotland yesterday. We chatted once we got past all that sly dawg “How-’bout-it?” nonsense. He bragged of how he almost fished his way into yacht ownership last week. That is, until its ravenous Cap’n gulped OhDo’s sauteed-garlic-King-Crab-and-rib-eye bait, ripped free of the trap line, and sped away.

Ah! The stuff I learn and characters I meet while travelling in my wilderness! It’s worth every strained back and neck muscle, slivered butt cheek, paddling blister, tear-stained other cheeks, and cold, wet hand–the latter of which came from slapping my new friend across the snout for his audacity.

“Ta,” he said, as the water gulped his sorry ass.

Gawd, how I love those Aussies! And feeling free as a kite in the turf of my wilderness.

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