Prepping for Scotland

English: Forres High Street.
English: Forres High Street. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dear Owner of Victorian Mansion,

Hello, as it were.

Is your establishment the one that makes Downton Abbey look like a cheap doll’s house? I sincerely hope so or one might feel compelled to change plans.

Did you catch that? I’m using the pronoun ‘one’ like Queen Elizabeth.  I thought it brilliant and classy of me.

Thanks so much for the info on taxis, buses and trains. You are awesome.

A quick question. Would it be safe to walk from the Forres bus stop to your address?

I’m travelling on a strict budget and, as I’ll be running on weird energy, I thought the walk would feel good after a sixteen-hour journey. I know it’s about one and one-half miles.  Some time to commune with beautiful Scotland before meeting everyone, will be just what I need.

Of course, with a suitcase in tow, I might as well be screaming “Tourist here. Come and rob me.”  How inconspicuous is that?

Anyway, if I cannot walk it, I’ll work it out. Got the phone numbers. Will be okay. I am so eager for August 12th to roll around.

When I get there, I want to pitch in.  Make myself useful where I can.  So I was wondering: Is it possible to groom the horse? Is that luxury dependent on completing a series of horse-related tasks before the good stuff?  I could shovel … maybe. With a space age breathing device.

I love horses so much.  They are the most majestic and beautiful of all animals to me.

Thanks for your kindness and help for this soon-to-be wandering Canadian writer.

Have a nice weekend!


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