Cafe Paranoia – Terry Gibson

001662 - Café

What do you want?
What is it you want?
As your amethyst eyes
Slither over my face
Paw my neckline
Denting my nonchalance
My demeanour so cool –
You’d swear I drank milk.

What do you want?
What is it you want?
Do you assume me
Your answer, so easily?
Nanny, lost sister,
Your ‘other half’ gone missing
So vital but unnoticed
Till you’re about forty-three.

What do you want?
I must know what you want!
As you approach me with gall,
Crossing unspeakable lines–
At last the secret spills
From a so-kissable mouth
What is it you want?
Aw, just the time.

Terry Gibson 2013.

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