The Cycle Continues – Lidwina Bautista


I see her — a small, brown woman pushing

a baby carriage behind a white woman;

sadness envelopes my heart, weep I say

will my weeping free her or console her?

I see their passive faces

wanting to disappear and hide their faces

educated women, forced to flee the

poverty and bleak future at home.


I wonder what she is thinking

fear of people laughing and feeling sorry for her

JUST A NANNY, a maid, must comply to

her master’s wishes/commands or

be sent back to her past from which

she is trying to run away.


Hush, hush


Yes, Ma’am Yes, Sir

Anything I can do for you?


My children ask me.

“Mom, why do you call Philippines home?

You live here, Canada is your home.”

I wonder why …


In my silence, a stranger asked

“Where did you come from?”

Colour immigrants, trying to survive

“Go back to your own country,

you’re stealing our jobs.”


History speaks loudly

head tax on Chinese

internment camps for Japanese

Let’s keep Canada white


I see the future

My children all grown-up

born and raised in Canada

A stranger asks them

“Where did you come from?”


Lidwina Bautista.



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