Warning Signs of Suicide – Mental Health – Body & Health

With the holidays coming fast, I like to remind myself of those at risk.  So many people, young and old, feel overwhelmed by this time of year–especially when TV, movies and magazines gear everything toward the family. It is wonderful to have that but many of us legitimately do not, for any number of reasons. I used to become suicidal at Christmas and New Year’s which makes me aware of these warning signs for myself–as I am still prone to think and feel that way–and anyone I know or might meet.

In the near future, I will write a post about my experiences with suicide and the eternal struggle to fight those impulses.  For now, please check out this link and be aware of any marked changes in people from work, friends, or family members.  A kind word, hug, or referral to a crisis center, can make all the difference.

Warning signs of suicide – Mental Health – Body & Health.

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