While We’re Blinded by the Haze of Summer . . .

Sh*t Teika Says

Teika started her new mini-blog, “Sh*t Teika Says” and pecked this out for us with those bear paws of hers. (Good job, T.)


Five Things I Hate About Summer

I wait all year for spring and the blessing of my jumping and suddenly enthused hormones. It’s now July and even hotter, if you get my drift. I still haven’t quelled my urges. I started stalking the black short-hair opposite my window ledge.

The humidity drives me crazy. I can’t seem to drink enough water! This leaves me with cotton mouth which makes me livid. Add some of liver and giblets for dinner and I am one miserable feline.

I stand on my head to get attention around here. Everybody’s so excited about blogging, books, writing retreats and mini-holidays. Bali. Bolinas. San Francisco. I can’t stand it when people are happy, energized and motivated.

Even though I think my hair is lovely, they keep threatening to give me a brush cut; apparently I shed hair everywhere and it’s bugging them. Whatever.

Me. ME. WHAT ABOUT ME? I only care about ME.

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