Thank You

Thank you for allowing me good housing, warmth, ample food, healthcare and good health.

Thank you for my eyes and having the ability to see without them. Thank you for my ears and not needing them to hear.

Thank you for the gift of intuition, compassion for myself and others, stubbornness, the strength and integrity to trust and be trusted, and, perhaps the most important of all, patience.

Thank you for laughter, quiet, music, workouts that pour sweat, the sweetness of good friendship, and for the helping professions, which guided me through the process of saving my life.

Thank you for the encouragement and love of my partner, for intimacy, spirituality, sex, sharing and striving for a better life as a team.

Thank you for my good strong mind, having an infinite curiosity and fascination about the world, the ability to learn, appreciate subtlety, satire, and to embrace the grey areas in life.

Thank you for babies (who always make me smile), for the rediscovery of language, writing, books, and people who share my fascination with words.

Thank you for the chances I have had to travel and see elephants, horses, koala bears and kangaroos, and to embrace other cultures with appreciation, admiration and respect.

Thank you for the raw beauty of nature and that so much of the best in life requires no currency.

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