What To Do While We Wait?

Given the speed with which December is approaching, I wanted to share this lovely poem with you all.

Many of you may have read it.  It was shared with me in a writing class last July.  By chance, I picked up

the book in the library and was enchanted yet again.  For me, it captures what giving and receiving is all



While We Wait


While We Wait

we hope for bliss to envelop us,

taking away our sadness and pain.


The light should grow brighter

and beautiful music fill the air,

angels to appear

and magic hands come to heal.


But while we wait, yet can we practice kindness.

We can love.

We can serve.

We can forgive.


Nothing out of the ordinary,

yet God’s greatest gifts.


Carol Orsborn, Nothing Left Unsaid, Words to Help You and Your

Loved Ones through the Hardest Times, 2001


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