It Is Never Too Late For the Big Give

I love to talk about giving and receiving.  It is something about which I am always interested. There is nothing more rewarding to be a part of, whether done as a group effort or by oneself.  Often, I have had the privilege of being in the right place at the right time to be the giver. Naturally, when I least expected it, I was the receiver.There are so many ways to give that I compiled a list for some ideas.Listen closely to someone. It can be your spouse, friend, co-worker, or a compete stranger.

If you are able-bodied, get up on the bus and let someone else sit down. This could be an older person, a pregnant woman or someone who is feeling ill.

If you are cooking or baking, make too much food on purpose (if you can afford this) and invite someone to share your meal.

If you use the library, and know of a tenant in your building that is housebound, offer to get their books or return ones already on loan.

If you want more organized giving, volunteer at a local hospital or public event.

Help build community. Have a potluck and get together to plan other activities like a writing class or walking group.

Given the time of year, buy a stuffed toy and donate it to a local drive for Christmas.

Volunteer for a worthy cause. There are thousands but a few examples are: Stand Up to Cancer, Michael J. Fox Foundation for Research on Parkinson’s Disease, Heart & Stroke Foundation, Joints in Motion with the Diabetes Society, local Food Banks, or book and clothing drives.

If you see something happening that should not be, pick up your phone.  Never try to intervene in a violent situation.

Smile and say hello to someone.


What do I have to say about receiving? If you give from your authentic self, the return for your good acts is feeling great because you did something not motivated by self-interest.  It is all about making others happy–their tough days a little bit better.

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