Adventures Between The Ears of Bookmark_Terry

I am at my laptop so much, the dust-bits that hang out between any two keys, are claiming squatter’s right.  Do you believe it?

I wouldn’t either.  In fact, they want more than that. They want a support group to help cope with the hostile setting I provide for them. That’s unbelievable!

It certainly is. Still, given this utterly ridiculous crisis, I decided to scour my whole apartment from top to bottom.  I even bought a steam cleaner to make it ‘stick’. I may be an Aquarian – allegedly a constant procrastinator — but not this time. I was going to expel those flecks of self-righteous, freeloading dirt. I’d do whatever it took and without delay.

Okay. I didn’t need to power-wash the whole place, especially given all the water damage it caused. Nor did I need to search every corner and crevice to figure out how it gets in. Dust may be like bellybutton lint (where in heck does it come from?), but I refuse to let it rule my life. I mean, my investigation took 172 hours.

Anyway, I’ll keep you posted. I’m so tired; I need to collapse on my waterlogged couch.

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